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We’re passionate about helping individual investors revolutionize the way they approach the market. Our vision is to change the world, one family economy at a time. THAT is what Unstoppable Prosperity means to us.

We know you can truly benefit from Payne’s Education by attending classes, interacting with our Investment Instructors and other students, building your confidence and most importantly, making a difference in your investing.

We want to help you take advantage of the greatest money-making machine in history. Our services are designed to help you acquire skills that will serve you and your family for generations. We’re here for you!

Our Education Services

Stock Education

You’ll learn how to use Charles’ Three Pillars of investing to find and evaluate opportunities in the market. We’ll show you how you can rely on and measure observable fundamental, technical and even behavioral trends for long-term success.

  • Fundamental Analysis helps you determine WHAT to buy based on current financial facts, consensus expectations and peer-to-peer review. 
  • Technical Analysis shows you WHEN to buy by using specific indicators and chart formations.
  • Behavioral Analysis gives us clues on market sentiment and how if affects the movement of stocks. 
  • Learn through application as our Instructors answer questions and demonstrate strategies live in the market.
You’ll have unlimited access to:
  • Quick Start Steps with Special Q&A Sessions.
  • Stock Investing Foundation Lessons where you’ll learn  the details of Charles’ Three Pillars and how to apply them to your own investing.
  • Daily Q&A Sessions to learn from our Investment Instructors and from other students’ questions.
  • TWO LIVE, in-the-market, Weekly Classes where you see how to apply these strategies and engage with Instructors and other students. Choose to attend Beginner to Advanced classes.
  • Monthly Application Workshop where we dig into applying Charles’ Three Pillars.

Option Education

Once you’re comfortable investing in stocks and using Charles’ Three Pillars to evaluate stocks, you can take your investing to the next level by learning and applying option strategies. This curriculum is designed to teach you how to:

  • Leverage the power of options which could allow you to control a greater amount of stock with less capital.
  • Capitalize on volatility by understanding how to apply various trading strategies for different market conditions.
  • Protect against potential losses during uncertain market conditions.
  • Maximize your profit potential while defining your risk to minimize your losses.
You’ll have unlimited Access to:
  • Option Trading Foundation Lessons where you’ll learn critical concepts from understanding what options are and how they are priced,  to various strategies and how to manage positions.
  • A live, in-the-market Option Class each week where our Instructors demonstrate how to trade various option strategies.
  • TWO live Q&A Sessions each week where you can ask your questions and learn from other students’ questions.
  • Quarterly Application Workshop where we dig into applying specific option strategies.

To talk to a member of our team about our services and help you determine what may be the best fit for you and your situation, please call us at 1-800-429-5454.